20 – 50 Ton Large Air Handlers

These Large sized temporary rental air handlers come in 20-50 ton sizes and are typically used to cool movie sets, office buildings, classrooms, process and industrial applications. Use one or more of these large sized air handlers with one of La Brea Air’s hot water generators or your existing facilities hot water source for temporary or emergency heating while you maintain, repair or replace your aging boilers(s) / Hot water system equipment. Large air handler rentals come come on wheels with flexible ducting, hot water hose and a remote start and stop switch and heavy power cords for ease of installation. Spaces up to 50,000 square feet and more can be heated with the smart selection of La Brea Rentals equipment, let us help you put a rental system together for you.

50 Ton AH Temporary Rental

50 Ton Air Handler Rental Unit

Rental Air Handlers consists of an enclosed cooling coil and a fan on wheels, when connected to hot water system with temporary hoses they can provide temporary emergency heating almost anywhere.  Our experienced “sales-engineers”  can assist you in sizing your heating loads and help you  select the appropriate rental equipment to meet your needs. If electrical power is not available at your location we can also provide a portable mobile rental diesel fueled generator to power the rental portable unit.

Your friendly sales-engineer can help you select the best combination of Portable Air Conditioning unit and generator for a turn-key rental experience. We would be happy to come out to your location to assess your location for the Best Rental Choice and setup and provide you with a rental quote, just call us anytime.

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