Cooling Tower Rentals

Cooling Towers are used with water-cooled chillers to condense the refrigerant and remove the refrigerant heat. Cooling towers are used to absorb heat and  reject heat which is extracted from chiller systems, they use water or evaporation of water as a medium to remove this heat. La Brea Air has both Direct and Indirect Cooling Towers

Direct or Evaporative Cooling Towers remove heat from the condenser water loop by allow the air to come in contact and rely on the evaporation of the water to further cool the water. Fluid Cooler (Indirect or Closed Loop) cooling tower rentals have a heat rejection device which extracts waste heat to the atmosphere through the cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature. closed circuit dry cooling towers, rely solely on air to cool the working fluid the water and air never come in contact. La Brea Air rents both types of Cooling Towers (Evporative and Indirect or Fluid Cooler).  There are two types of cooling tower rentals,  you may rent one to supplement or replace your existing cooling tower that my be down for repair, maintenance or you may rent on along with one of our water-cooled chillers or packaged units. These cooling towers come in various sizes from 10 to 300 tons and they come on carts, skids or trailers. These cooling towers come complete with fused disconnects, condenser pump, a reasonable amount of cam lock hose and power cables to provide a fully operation cooling system. Some of the advantages of using a water-cooled cooling system are better efficiency an, lower power requirements. For instance a water cooled vs a air cooled chiller would use less KW to operate and use less power and draw less power than an air-coooled DX system

Large Indirect Fluid Cooler - 150 Ton

Emergency 150 Ton Large Indirect Fluid Cooler