FAQ – La Brea Air Conditioning Rentals

How do I order a rental cooling unit?

Answer:  Once you’ve contacted your friendly La Brea Air sales-engineer and determined what rental unit best fits your need, he will send you a written quote. Once you have read the quote and agree, sign and return it to us, the next step is to reserve a rental  unit by sending us either a filling out a credit application (requires 2-3 days to approve), a check or credit card approval (add 4% fee)  for the quoted amount. We would also request that you add La Brea Air, Inc. as additionally insured & send us the certificate to cover any rental equipment losses while our equipment is on your site

What size air conditioning unit do I need to adequately cool my space?

Answer: Depending on what’s going on in the space such as lighting, people, motors ect. and the construction of the enclosure (tent, warehouse or conditioned space)

Rule of thumb is – 200 to 400 square feet per ton (12,000 BTUH) of cooling.  Call or email us for help in sizing the best rental option for your application, we would happily come out to see your project and assist

you to make your cooling/heating rental a success.

How long can I rent a heating or cooling unit?

Answer: You can rent our cooling/heating units as short as 3 days, weekly, monthly or as long as you wish. Discounts are offered for longer duration rentals.

What type of cooling or heating equipment do I need?

Answer: For smaller spaces (<5,000 square feet) we recommend our versatile 5 ton portable air conditioning units. These units can be readily rolled into the space you want to cool and plugged into

a 120v or 208/230 volt, single phase receptacle and a hot air duct would need to be routed somewhere outside of the space. Larger spaces (>2,000 sf) use multiple portables or packaged air conditioners

they come on roll around carts, skids and trailers. These units are located OUTSIDE of the conditioned space.  See the Packaged Air Conditioner section of the website for more information.

For even Larger spaces  larger packaged air conditioners or air cooled chillers and air handlers are utilized, call or email us for help in selection of the best rental option for your application.

 What preparation is required for renting heating and cooling devices?


DuctingPackaged air conditioners sit outdoors and flexible duct work is routed into conditioned space. Location of the duct work needs to allow access and egress and can be routed up stairwells, through exterior

windows or access holes in walls or doors. We can help you be sure the best solution is used for your cooling rental.

Power – Small Residential rental spot cooling units require 120 volt power which is your standard receptacle in your home. Larger packaged cooling units, chillers, hot water generators and air handlers either require 208 or 230 volt single phase (similar to your household electric dryer outlet). Larger application contact us for assistance. If you don’t have adequate electrical power on your site, a  we can also provide generator services to power our systems at additional cost.

Hot air exhaust Portable AC units require expelling the hot air to someplace outside of the space you want to cool, a window or AC return grill are acceptable to connect to to accomplish this.

Condensate drainage – When cooling air the condensate collected on the cold coil needs to be drained to a floor drain or flower bed outside.

SpacePortable Spot coolers fit in thru standard door openings. Packaged AC, Air-Cooled Chillers and air handlers units come in various sizes we can assist in being sure that your facility or location is feasible for

your rental equipment. We have included drawings of all our units with dimensions in each of the unit type gallery pages.

How soon can you deliver and start cooling or heating?

Answer: Typically we can deliver (within 50 mile Los Angeles radius) and hook up a cooling system in One day.

Can I will call equipment?

Answer:  Pickup of Smaller units may be arranged for picked up at our shop. Talk to our sales staff about setting this up, we can work with you on advising you on what’s needed to transport your rental unit(s).