Water Cooled Chillers

Rental Water-Cooled Chiller  units can provide temporary emergency cooling while repair or replacement of existing facility equipment. La Brea Air’s water-cooled chillers for rent are the most efficient and are quieter than their air cooled brothers.  These trailer or skidded mounted chillers can be mobilized quickly and freighted to your facility overnight and hooked-up in less than a day anywhere in southern California in most cases. These units are available in a variety of cooling capacity from 3.5 tons to 500 tons per trailer and 208 volt / 230 volt / 460 volt three phase power configurations.  Each chiller comes with a water pump, reasonable amount of cam lock hose and power cabling which can be readily connected to your facility points of mechanical and electrical points of connection. These chiller may also be used with air handler(s) to provide either a supplemental or replacement forced air cooling system. Use also with heat exchangers and tanks to apply to your specific cooling system.  If electrical power is not available we can also provide a portable mobile rental diesel fueled generator to power the rental chiller.

2.5 – 3.5 Ton Small Water-Cooled Chillers

Small Air Cooled Chillers can be used as emergency cooling solutions for schools, medical centers, manufacturing and small commercial applications.  These cooling rentals can be quickly delivered to your place of business for fast relive from the heat.  Our small water-cooled Chillers come roller carts with power hook-ups and hoses and all necessary accessories to connect up to your system.  Call our technicians today for a FREE consultation so we can make sure there is no hiccup in your business. 2.5 – 3.5 Small Ton Water-Cooled Chillers

6.5 – 10 Ton Medium Water Cooled Chillers

Medium Air Cooled Chillers some of the application for use of these medium sized water-cooled chillers are:  schools, medical centers, manufacturing plants and  process cooling  to name a few.  Call today and these cooling rentals can be quickly delivered to your place of business and set up to your failed cooling system.  Our water-cooled chillers on rollers and come with power cords and chilled and condenser water hoses and all the necessary accessories.  Call us anytime and our technicians will answer any questions in regards to renting this piece of equipment for your business. 6.5 – 10 Ton Water Cooled Chillers