33 – 100 KW Large Electric Heaters

45-100 KW Bracket Electric Heater

45-100 KW Bracket Electric Heater

Large duct electric heaters come in sizes of 33KW and 100KW.   These electric heaters come in 480 Volt, three phase power configuration . These large duct electric heater rentals are mounted in a frame and are typically mounted “inline” with a duct system, the fan is not included with this duct heater. They come with a thermostat and fused disconnect heavy duty power cord. If electrical power is not available at your location we can also provide a portable mobile rental diesel fueled generator to power the rental duct heater.

Use these 100 kilowatt electric heater rentals to provide larger special event tent heating, warm environments for special coating applications, supplemental or temporary heating for offices or schools under repair.

Your friendly sales-engineer can help you select the best combination of electric heater(s) and generator (if needed) for a turn-key rental experience. We would be happy to come out to your location to assess your location for the Best Rental Choice and setup and provide you with a rental quote, just call us anytime.

33 KW Duct Electric Heater

45 KW Bracket Electric Heater

100KW Duct Electric Heater

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