Heating Rentals

Los Angeles has relied on La brea Heating and Air Conditioning for industrial heating needs since the first baseball players were elected to the Hall of Fame (1936). We can rent you electric heaters and hot water heaters with fan coils. We can provide electric heaters (EHs) for small emergency residential units up to warehouse spaces. For smaller applications electric heaters from 5.0 kilowatts to up to 30 kilowatts can provide heat for your event or temporary heating needs. These electric heaters take either 120 volt, 208/230 volt or 460 volt single or three phase power. You can consult your electrician or ask a La Brea sales staff member to assess your needs to help you to determining the best rental option for you.

Hot Water Generator & Boilers

Rent A Vertical Hot Water Generators

Medium Vertical Hot Water Generators

Hot water generators or hot water boilers are utilized to provide comfort or process heating – hot water for heating water. heating fluids with a heat exchanger and pool heating. These hot water generators are fueled by either diesel or propane to heat up circulated water. The hot water (typically 150F-195F) is used to circulate either through a heat- ex changer to heat a water heating loop or fan coil to provide comfort heat as a fan delivers warm air to an environment.  Hot water generators come on trailers or skids in 500,000 BTUH through 3.0 MMBTUH heating capacities.  Each industrial hot water generator comes with;  cam lock hose and power cabling,  flexible fuel line, and a re-circulation pump.

Rental Electric Heaters

 Rent A 30 KW Electric Heater

Medium 30 KW Electric Heater

La Brea Rentals has a vast assortment of rental electric heaters. Electric heaters are an excellent choice to provide temporary heat to for either providing or  supplementing your existing heating system.

They are easy to handle and hook to your existing facility or used with a rental generator if your utilities are not available.  Typical electric heater applications include; schools, churches, retail stores, special events, tents, studios, movie sets and other commercial and residential locations. Electric heater can also provide heat while you’re repairing or maintenance on your heating system

Small portable commercial electric heaters come in sizes from 12KW to 45KW.  A 12 KW heater can typically provide spot heating for up to 1,000 square feet. These electric heaters come in 208/230 volt, three phase power configurations and come with fuses, fan and power cord.

Bracket mounted electric heaters come in sizes from 12KW to 30KW.  These electric heaters come in 208/230 volt and 460 volt, three phase power configurations and come with fuses, fan and power cord.

Cart mounted 40KW-100KW electric heater. Available in 208/230 volt three phase power configurations  These electric heaters come in 208/230 volt, three phase power configurations and come with fused disconnect, fan and cam lock power cord connections.

Air Handlers for Heating

Portable Air Handler For Heating

Temporary Air Handlers For Heating

Air handlers are used to provide portable forced air heating using hot water as the heat source. These units consist of a belt driven fan and heating coil enclosed in an sheetmetal enclosure on wheels. La Brea Air can also provide hot water generators (HWGs) and commercial air handlers (AHs) for a complete emergency heating system. These natural gas/propane fueled low temperature boilers can generate hot water for forced air heating with an air handler. This type of rental heating is typically for large spaces such as warehouse or large studios.

Other process heating applications such as temporary hot water source while yours is being replaced or domestic hot water (with our special heat exchanger) help to keep your facility up and running during replacement or repairs.

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