3 Ton Small Rental Packaged Air Conditioning Units

Typically a ton of cooling can cool about 200 square feet of area depending on current ambient and load conditions.  Skidded or rolling cart packaged air conditioning units can be used wherever 208/230 volt single and 3 phase power is available. Use these units wherever you need to provide cooling without the cooling equipment located in the conditioned space.  The advantage of locating these units outside is they won’t take up valuable space and they are quieter since they are outside. They are perfect temporary or urgent rental cooling solutions for special events, temporary emergency cooling, movie studios, movie and retail applications.  Out temporary 3 ton packaged air conditioning units can be delivered and setup to operate in less than a day. These units come with a reasonable amount of flexible ducting, power cables and condensate drain hose at no extra cost.  Additional accessories include remote power start and stop switch and dual setting adjustable thermostats that can control either supply or return temperature. Also available are portable rental power generators for locations that do not have adequate electrical available on site.

Your friendly sales-engineer can help you select the best combination of PAC, Packaged Air Conditioning unit and or generator for a seamless turn-key rental experience. We would be happy to come out to your location to access your location for the Best Rental Choice and setup and provide a complete rental quote, just call us anytime.

3 Ton Cart Air Cooled Package Rental

3 Ton Cart Air Cooled Package Rental (C)

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