LA BREA AIR, INC., founded in 1935, is a portable HVAC specialist serving the U.S. (800) 452-2732
Company Overview
LA BREA AIR, INC. is a portable air conditioning specialist based in Southern California, founded and in continuous operation since 1935. LA BREA AIR, INC. is the industry pioneer in portable cooling systems for a multiple of uses. In close proximity to “Hollywood”, we provide temperature control for approximately 200 movie locations per year in addition to trade shows, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, and industrial process application — each in a unique and challenging location with constantly fluctuating schedules and deadlines.La Brea Air’s vast and diverse equipment inventory (replacement value in excess of $7 million) allows operations to extend throughout the nation and often internationally. In addition, La Brea Air exemplifies safe, professional and quality operations with a workers compensation experience ratio of 0.76 and an average employee service length of 18 years. We are proud to provide you with references for recent large-scale projects as we believe La Brea Air to be the premier portable systems specialist in the United States.We have provided cooling and heating for well over 1,000 well-known features, TV shows, TV commercials and other theatrical productions such as THE ACADEMY AWARDS and THE EMMY AWARDS.


La Brea Air Inc. is capable in quickly providing up to 1,000 tons and beyond of rental emergency cooling anywhere in the Southern California Region. We have chillers on the ground ready to roll for your rental requests. We also offer a wide variety of styles of individual or multiple quantities of portable and packaged HVAC equipment from 1 ton up to 30 tons of cooling per unit. La Brea Air Inc. is a proud union affiliated shop associated with the UA Local Union 250 Pipe fitters and SMART Sheet Metal Local 50 with a combined trade experience of  over 100 years. Our sales engineering force comes with the knowledge of over 120 years in the HVAC field covering all aspects of cooling and heating from Small Residential to High Tech and Aerospace applications. Our experienced sales engineering staff can assist you with an efficient and economical solution for just about any temporary emergency rental solution.

We can provide AC units to accommodate most any application you may require here are a few:

Event – Tents, short-term party setups,  Emergency response – Cooling/Heating Equipment failure, temporary cooling equipment

                Schools, Offices, retail stores, movie theaters

                Industrial services

               Chillers, boilers,  air handlers

                Processing plants

                Mass concrete thermal cooling

                Bridges and overpasses

                Concrete batch plants



               Ice Bank replacements

Our Service Staff

La Brea Air is proud to to be affiliated with the UA Steam-Refrigeration-Air Conditioning & Pipefitters Local 250 and the Sheet Metal Local Union 105. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced. We take pride in our

work and strive to maintain and upgrade our rental fleet so we can provide the most reliable rental equipment to our customers. Each piece of rental equipment is operationally checked out prior to every rental before delivery and even our accessories like water hose, flex duct and power cables are meticulously checked for safe and reliability to prevent any failures. When if ever, a piece of rental equipment fails or become a concern just call our 800-452-2732 number anytime and we will respond as soon as possible to assist you.