Chiller Rentals

Trailer mounted 300 ton air-cooled chiller

Temporary 300 Ton Air Cooled Chiller

Chiller Rentals



Air-Cooled Chiller rental units can provide temporary emergency cooling while repair or replacement of existing facility equipment. These trailer or skidded mounted chillers can be mobilized quickly and freighted to your facility overnight and hooked-up in less than a day anywhere in southern California in most cases. These units are available in a variety of cooling capacity from 10 tons to 500 tons per trailer and 208 volt / 230 volt / 460 volt three phase power configurations.  Each chiller comes with a reasonable amount of cam lock hose and power cabling which can be readily connected to your facility points of mechanical and electrical points of connection.  If electrical power is not available we can also provide a portable mobile rental diesel fueled generator to power the rental chiller.

 Chiller rental are used in cooling application of commercial office buildings, warehouse cooling, emergency replacement or repair of existing chillers, large event cooling, process cooling, plastics manufacturing, concrete cooling, mass thermal cooling, tents, supplemental cooling, cooling during other HVAC maintenance and shutdowns and Low Temperature Applications.

40 Ton AC Chiller system




Here is a picture of a  40 ton trailer mounted chiller.

Air -Cooled chillers also come mounted on skids, these require a forklift to unload and load on-site.

A rental forklift can also be provided by La Brea Air if needed.




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